Colucci Renato

Renato Colucci

I'm a research scientist at the Institute of Polar Sciences | ISP-CNR, italian National Research Council.

Previously, I worked for several years in the technical staff of the climate and paleoclimate research group at the Institute of Marine Science | ISMAR-CNR. I am also an adjunct professor of glaciology at the Department of Mathematics, Informatics and Geosciences, the University of Trieste (Italy). During my Ph.D. I honed my skills in glacial and periglacial geomorphology in Norway at the University Center in Svalbard | UNIS. My research centers around the interactions between cryosphere (glaciers, permafrost, ice caves) and the climate, spanning from the end of the Last Glacial Maximum throughout the Holocene. Besides this, I'm active in scientific dissemination, especially with the Alpine-Adriatic Meteorological Society | SMA-A

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