Research Area: 

Prof. Valentina Beorchia

Geometry of tensors and its applications. Differential geometry applied to computer vision.
Fiber bundles in the complex projective spaces.
Cohomology of locally Cohen-Macaulay complex projective curves.

Prof. Emilia Mezzetti

Algebraic geometry. In particular: classification of projective varieties of small dimension.
Projective varieties covered by linear spaces. Linear systems of matrices of constant rank.
Differential-geometric properties of algebraic varieties.



Prof. Fabio Perroni

In algebraic geometry, with particular interest in the geometry, topology and automorphisms
of complex algebraic varieties and orbifolds; moduli spaces and stacks.


Prof. Daniele Zuddas

My research field is the geometric topology of low-dimensional manifolds.
As main tools, I use branched coverings, Kirby diagrams, and Lefschetz fibrations.


Ph.D. Michela Brundu

- Gonality of algebraic curves
- Computational algebraic geometry of cubic surfaces
- Convex geometry


Ph.D. Danilo Lewański

- Moduli spaces of curves
- Topological recursion
- Integrable hierarchies
- Resurgence





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